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Why should I choose Emond Exam Prep for my exam preparation?

When selecting an exam preparation course or practice exam, you should look to verify the content and quality of the course, rather than being blinded by a flashy website and discount prices. A good preparation course takes time, experience, and investment to build and maintain. Be wary of websites that offer courses and practice exams without providing verifiable details about who they are, their qualifications or education, and how the content of their courses/exams is generated. They may be a scam or a one-man show run by somebody with no legal background, and their products may be based upon inaccurate, outdated, or pirated content.

We at Emond pride ourselves on decades of experience cultivating educational resources. We encourage you to visit to read about our history, and to contact us directly with questions. Accountability is important, which is why we stand behind our products with a guarantee, and why we include the names and backgrounds of our instructors right on the website. Emond is committed to quality content, transparency, and accountability, and our goal is to help you pass your exams. We know that a preparation course is a significant investment, and we want you to be confident that it will be worth the money that you spend.

What is the difference between the in-class course and the online course?

The in-class course takes place once annually prior to the spring exam sitting. The online course is a recorded and edited version of the in-class course. The greatest benefit of the in-class course is that the instructors are present to answer questions. The greatest benefit of the online course is flexibility, as you are able to pause, stop, rewind, and re-watch the videos at your leisure.

How are the instructors selected?

Our instructors are hand-selected by a team consisting of Professor Paul Emond (President of Emond Publishing), the VP of Publishing, and several members of Emond’s Publishing team. We seek out dynamic presenters who are experts in their respective fields, and who have experience practicing at top Canadian law firms or teaching at distinguished Canadian law schools.

Do you ever have promotions or discounts on your courses?

We occasionally run promotions for our online courses for Emond Exam Prep members. To be notified about promotions, ensure that you tick the “Notify me about promotions and discounts” box when you register for an account here:

What is the success rate for students who take your preparation course?

We estimate that 90% of Emond Exam Prep students pass their exams on the first attempt. This estimate is based on the number of students who contact us after writing the exams to report that they have not passed. Emond offers a guarantee that enables students who failed the licensing exams to re-take the course free of charge.

What is the difference between the CanBarPrep In-Class Course and the CanBarPrep Premium Course?

The main difference between the in-class course and the premium course is that the premium course also includes access to the online video component and the practice exams, in addition to enrollment in the in-class course. This means that you have access to double the content, which can be especially helpful if you have to miss part of a lecture during an in-class session because the lecture will also be available online.

How was the course curriculum for the Paralegal Preparation Course devised?

The lecture outlines for the Paralegal Prep course are based on the accreditation competencies that the LSO has indicated that they will be examining on the new P1 Exam. The list of substantive competencies can be found here:

If I take a prep course, do I still have to study independently?

The courses are intended to supplement your studying, not replace it – you still need to read your materials and self-study. The lectures will complement what you read in your materials, reinforcing the information, and clarifying tough areas. The ideal study plan involves reading all of your LSO-issued materials, devising (or updating) your own indices and study aids, writing practice exams, and using the lectures as an audio-visual learning component.

I want to attend the in-class course but am not located in Toronto. Are virtual attendance options available?

Yes, the CanBarPrep In-Class Course is available via Zoom webinar for attendees outside of the GTA. All In-Class Course and Premium Course registrants will be invited to choose either in-class attendance or webinar attendance approximately two weeks before the course start date.

Is there an in-class course option for fall or winter exam sittings?

No, the in-class course is only available before the June and August sittings. During the rest of the year, the online courses are available.


I purchased the online course – how can I watch the videos?

Log into your account on, and navigate to your Vimeo On Demand Library: The videos will be viewable here until your rental period expires.

Can I download the videos onto my computer?

No, the videos cannot be downloaded. They must be streamed online from your Vimeo account during the specified rental period. However, you may log into your Vimeo account on any device. If you do not have an internet connection at home, many public spaces offer free WIFI, including your local Public Library, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons.

My videos freeze intermittently, is there anything I can do to speed them up?

If you are experiencing technical issues with the videos, contact Vimeo directly. You can reach them at or through their FAQ/Contact Us page. You can try the below tips as well:

  • Open the video, press play, and then pause it and let it load for about 30 minutes to an hour before watching to allow the video to buffer.
  • Turn off the HD (HD quality means it is a larger file, which takes longer to load). You can turn off the HD by clicking the blue HD symbol at the bottom right-hand corner of the player (between the volume and full-screen icons). Blue means HD is on, and grey means HD is off.
  • Close out of all other internet tabs and windows while loading and watching the videos.
  • Use a direct hardwired internet connection instead of wireless.

What time of day do the videos become unavailable on the day my rental period ends?

This depends on what time you purchased your VOD. You can view the exact time that your rental will expire in your VOD library:

What if I have questions after watching the online lectures?

If you have a question while watching online course, you can send an email to outlining your question. We will do our best to get in touch with our instructors to relay your question, however, we cannot guarantee an answer. If you think you will have numerous questions, the in-class course would be your best option.

When are the newest videos from the in-class session usually posted?

New Paralegal Exam Prep videos are usually posted in August, and new CanBarPrep course videos are posted in early October. If you have already purchased an online course, you will receive automatic access to the new videos as they are posted.

Can I extend the videos beyond the designated rental period?

Emond cannot extend or reduce rental periods. In extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, bereavement) you may request an extension by emailing and copying Include your Vimeo username, a link to the course page, and an explanation of the circumstances. We will lodge a request with Vimeo on your behalf, although it may take up to a week for Vimeo to grant the request.


What are the benefits of a practice exam?

A practice exam is the best way to become familiarized with your LSO materials and indices. It allows you to simulate exam day by answering test questions under timed conditions. The subject performance analytics feature will also help you identify your strongest and weakest subject areas so that you can target your studying more effectively.

Who writes the practice exam questions?

The exam questions are drafted by a team of lawyers and legal education professionals, and edited in-house at Emond Publishing. Emond’s exam questions are carefully monitored and regularly updated. Our team tracks student responses to the exam questions to identify questions that are disproportionately easy or challenging and adjust them accordingly.

After purchasing a practice exam, how soon can I take it?

You can take the practice exam immediately after purchase. To access your practice exam, log in to your emondexamprep account and navigate to My Exam Prep.

What counts as an exam attempt?

Clicking the “submit” button completes one exam attempt. After you submit your practice exam, you will receive your score, analytics, and question explanations. With the purchase of a practice exam, you are able to submit the practice exam up to 4 times.

What if I can’t finish the practice exam in one sitting?

You do not need to finish the entire exam in one sitting. You can log out and log back in as many times as you like before you finish and submit the exam, and the timer can be paused or disregarded. Any answers that you complete before logging out will automatically be saved.

How does the exam timer work?

The timer begins running when you answer the first question, but is no longer visible as you write your exam.  A new and improved summary timer report will be provided upon exam completion. This report will include your time performance broken down by subject area and how long it took you to answer each question. If you would like to pause the timer you, simply return to the dashboard or close the tab.

If you would like to implement a live count-up timer as you write your Emond Practice Exams, we recommend candidates use an external count-up timer such as your cell phone’s internal stopwatch feature. Alternatively, you can download an external phone application such as “Project Timer”. We suggest using a count-up timer during at least one exam attempt in order to simulate exam day.

On the LSO exam, you have around 105 seconds to answer each question, although this can vary slightly. An LSO licensing exam is typically 7 hours long and consists of between 220 and 240 questions. Our Barrister and Solicitor practice exams are 220 questions long, meaning you should budget 6.5 to 7 hours of time to complete each one. The Paralegal practice exam is 170 questions long, so you should budget about 5 hours to complete it.

Can I print the practice exam?

No, the exams are not print-enabled. They must be taken online.


I just signed up for an account, why can’t I log in?

After you register for an account, you should receive an email prompting you to click a link to activate your account. If you cannot see an email from Emond Exam Prep in your inbox within a few minutes, check your junk/spam mail folder. If you still do not have an email from Emond Exam Prep, try registering for an account under a different email address, or contact

Why can’t I place my order?

You must ensure that all of the fields with an asterisk under “Billing Details” are filled out. Before you can place your order, you must also check the “I’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions” box, which is located beside the “Place Order” button.

Why is my order showing up as failed or cancelled?

To complete the credit card transaction, pop-ups must be enabled on your browser. Follow these instructions to enable pop-ups on your browser, then try again. If pop-ups are enabled and your order is still failing, then double-check that you have entered your credit card details in the correct fields. If these solutions don’t fix the problem, try using a different credit card.


I have a disability that requires accommodation. What accommodations are you equipped to offer?

Emond Exam Prep is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Emond does not discriminate on the basis of disability in providing any of its products or services.

Emond is currently equipped to offer the below accommodations. To receive these accommodations, please submit your request along with documentation verifying the disability that necessitates the accommodation to

Online Courses

  • All 2020 CanBarPrep Barrister and Solicitor videos are available with closed captioning.
  • Closed captioning can be applied to other online course videos upon qualified request. Please note it may take 7-14 business days to apply the closed captioning, depending on the length of the video(s).

Online Practice Exams

  • The 2020 CanBarPrep Barrister and Solicitor practice exams are available for use with assistive audio technology.
  • Our other practice exams can be made available for use with assistive audio technology upon qualified request. Please note it may take 2-7 business days to apply the technology to an exam.

If Emond is not already equipped to provide the accommodations you require, we will strive to meet your needs as quickly as we can. Please submit your request for accommodation to, along with documentation verifying the disability that necessitates the requested accommodations.

We believe that all students deserve to have equal access to learning materials that will help them succeed in school, licensing, and professional practice. For information about the accessibility of Emond’s textbooks, casebooks, and publications, please visit


Can you tell me more about your company, and your history with exam preparation and education?

Emond Exam Prep is part of Emond Publishing, which is an independent Canadian educational publishing company that has been in business since 1978. We publish many of your law school casebooks, paralegal textbooks, and a variety of other university, college, and high school textbooks. You can read more about who we are and our history on the About Emond page.

How can I gain access to the PDF PowerPoint presentations that accompany the online course?

If you have purchased one of our courses and would like access to the PDF PowerPoint presentations that accompany the course, please forward a copy of your email receipt from purchase to with your request.

How can I access the indices database?

Access to the indices database is free for all users. Simply create a free account, sign in, then navigate to the Indices Database on the white user menu.

Help! I submitted my practice exam but haven’t received my results.

After pressing the “submit” button, do not press it a second time, and do not refresh or close the page. Most of the time, your results should load in 2-5 minutes. Occasionally, during times of very high traffic (such as the weekend preceding the licensing exam), results can take longer to process—up to an hour or two. If this occurs, please contact and we will assist you.

Help! I am having problems viewing the videos.

If you are experiencing technical issues with your videos, contact Vimeo directly. You can reach them at or through their FAQ/Contact Us page. If you do not hear back from Vimeo, you can forward the conversation thread to and we will follow up with Vimeo on your behalf.

I have a question/complaint about one of the questions on a practice exam. What should I do?

If you encounter a practice question that you believe is incorrect or incomplete, we would be happy to investigate your query. Please contact us at and be sure to specify the practice exam the question is on, the content of the question, and your query or complaint. Our exam development team will investigate right away, and either edit the question as needed or provide a more detailed explanation to resolve your query.

What happens if I fail the exam after purchasing a course?

As per our guarantee, upon failure of the LSO Licensing Exam you can re-take our course free of charge. You have the option of re-taking the online or in-class version of the course. If you have failed the exam after taking our course, email with your proof of results from the LSO, and your course registration e-receipt. We will renew your access to the material on the date of your choice.

What is your return policy?

Due to the digital and educational nature of our products, we do not provide refunds or returns once access to the content has been granted. However, we are committed to ensuring your success on the licensing exam(s). If you do not pass your exam after purchasing one of our products, we will renew your access up to three times free of charge. If you have deferred your exam(s) or your product has expired before your exam date, please contact us at to request an extension. In order to grant a renewal or extension, we will request to see verification of your licensing exam results and/or verification of your enrolment to write at the next scheduled exam date.

What is the best way to get in touch with someone from Emond Exam Prep?

The best way to contact the Emond Exam Prep team is by emailing Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. We are closed on evenings, weekends, and holidays. For more information, please visit the Contact Us page.


Barrister Exam: March 8-11, 2022  |  Solicitor Exam: March 22–25, 2022