ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam

The ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam

The ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam is a three-hour multiple-choice examination composed of 140 scenario-based questions. Entry to Practice exam-takers are faced with the task of gathering, organizing, and reading dozens of statutes, regulations, policy documents, and other reference materials.

Emond Exam Prep offers two practice exams intended to serve as interactive study aids and help you achieve your desired results. Our practice questions are designed to mimic the content and structure of the exam questions. Each practice exam includes 140 scenario-based multiple choice questions. For a realistic exam experience, aim to complete the full exam within a three-hour time limit.

The practice questions, which cover essential legislation, regulations, and policies tested on the ICCRC exam, were formulated in consultation with Lynn Fournier-Ruggles. Lynn Fournier-Ruggles is a full-time professor, author of the best-selling textbook Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law for Legal Professionals, and former officer of the Immigration and Refugee Board and Employment and Immigration Canada.

By incorporating our substantive practice exams into your studying regimen, you will feel confident both in your knowledge of the necessary material and your ability to complete the required number of questions in the allotted time.

Are you writing the ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam? Start by reading the free ICCRC Exam Preparation Manual for key tips and strategies that will help you prepare effectively for the exam:

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Student Testimonials

The below student testimonials have been printed with permission.

“The Emond ICCRC Practice Exam prepared me for the format and style of the ICCRC Full Skills Exam. The FSE is a challenge no matter what, but I was much more comfortable knowing what to expect after preparing with the practice exams. The practice exams also highlighted two areas where I needed brush up – both of which came in handy on the actual FSE!”

– Ross Baumann, 2017

“The answer explanations were the best. Very detailed and precise, this was my only source to practice for the exam and I passed at the first sitting.”

– Motunrayo Uyanga, 2017

“The practice exam is a wonderful way to identify what areas still require studying. Going through each question and writing down on a “notes” page really helped me through my exam. I was able to quickly access random information to answer questions. Thanks!”

– Zapherah Dewing, 2017

“I recommend Emond Exam Prep materials over others. The question style is similar to that of the ICCRC full skills original exam questions.”

– MD Hasan Iqbal, 2017

“Emond’s practice exam is definitely a great way to get yourself fully prepared and experience the FSE prior to the real challenge. The explanation to every question gives you a detailed analysis of which sections of IRPA and regs to review, instead of just leaving you wondering if you made a mistake.”

– Anastasiya Vedeneeva, 2017

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Practice Exams

ICCRC Practice Exams
Price $85 + tax each | $140 + tax for exam bundle (includes both exams)
Format Each online multiple-choice exam consists of 140 substantive questions.
Timer The timer counts upward from the time that you begin an exam. The timer can be paused and your progress will be saved when you exit, so you may resume the exam at a future date. For a realistic exam simulation, you should complete 140 questions in 3 hours.
Content Questions have been formulated to evaluate a Candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and application of the required competencies that will be tested on the ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam. The structure and content of the questions are designed to mimic the ICCRC exam, with scenario-based multiple choice questions. The questions cover essential legislation, regulations, and policies tested on the ICCRC exam and were developed in collaboration with Lynn Fournier-Ruggles.
Updates Questions are reviewed and updated 30-60 days before each exam sitting. You do not need to wait until this point to purchase an exam, as the questions on it will be automatically updated when the revision takes place.
Exam Review Upon exam submission, you will be presented with your overall score. You can review each exam question to see the answer you selected, the correct answer, and a detailed explanation.
Access Period You will have access to your practice exam and results from the date of purchase until the next scheduled ICCRC Entry to Practice Exam date, at which point your exam will expire. You may attempt the practice exam up to four times during this interim. Questions remain the same on all four attempts.

Try the free 10-question sample exam – just make sure you are signed in (or signed up) first!


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