Ontario Bar Exams

The Ontario Bar Exams

The Ontario bar exams consist of two open-book licensing exams: the barrister exam, and the solicitor exam. Each exam is 7 hours long and is composed of between 220 and 240 multiple-choice questions, answered on a scantron sheet. The exam questions are designed to assess a candidate’s competence in a variety of subject areas. The barrister exam is divided into sections that cover civil procedure, criminal procedure, family law, and public law, while the solicitor exam covers real estate, estate planning, and business law. Both exams include ethics and professional responsibility questions scattered throughout.

Students who have registered to write the Ontario bar exams will receive study materials from the LSO 6 to 8 weeks before their exams. These materials are approximately 1600 pages in length (including both barrister and solicitor content) and they contain all the information required to pass the exams. Students must independently read and study this material to prepare for the exams, and many students prepare additional reference materials such as indexes and summaries. Students have a total of three attempts to pass each exam, and must pass both exams to be called to the bar in Ontario.

As you begin preparing for the Ontario bar exams, you will likely have many questions about how to study effectively, what types of reference materials and study aids you’ll need, and what to expect on exam day. We have published a free resource, The Comprehensive Bar Exam Preparation Manual, to help answer these questions and walk you through the exam preparation process from start to finish. You can access it here:

View Bar Exam Preparation Manual

Many students find it difficult to absorb the vast amount of content contained in the LSO materials through self-study alone. Emond offers supplementary resources such as in-class and online bar exam preparation courses, interactive practice exams, and a free database of licensing exam indexes, to help students better understand and remember the material they will be tested on. These resources are designed to supplement your readings with focused audio-visual instruction, interactive self-testing, and personalized support.

If you have any questions about our resources, or wish to learn more, please contact us at

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About the CanBarPrep Course

Announcement: All in-class courses are currently scheduled to proceed via webinar instead of onsite due to COVID-19 measures. Registrants will receive instructions for webinar access closer to the course dates.

Since 2006, the CanBarPrep Course has helped students successfully prepare for their Ontario Licensing Exams. This intensive bar exam preparation course consists of a series of substantive lectures on the topics that are tested on the bar exams, as well as an exam preparation strategy component. Lectures are delivered by highly qualified instructors who are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, structure, confidence, and guidance to help them pass the bar exams. Each summer, a nine-day live course is held in-class at a downtown Toronto location. Throughout the rest of the year, the course is available online as a series of video lectures. Students can register for the Barrister section or Solicitor section only, or for the full course at a reduced price.

CanBarPrep Course Options:

Online Course In-Class Course or Webinar Premium Course
Availability Available year-round. Only available for the Summer exam. Dates and location are posted at the bottom of the page under Registration Options. Only available for the Summer exam. Dates and location are posted at the bottom of the page under Registration Options.
Format Video taped lectures that are accessible 24/7 during rental period. Can be fastforwarded, rewound, and re-watched. The online CanBarPrep course also includes 1 free hour of private tutoring, available upon request. Please see details here. In-class lectures from 9am-5pm daily, and an online exam preparation strategy component. Registrants will be invited to choose either in-class attendance or live webinar attendance approximately two weeks before the course start date. Combines online course with in-class course.
Course Length The full course consists of over 70 hours of video, and the rental period is 180 days. Barrister or Solicitor material can be rented individually for 90 days. The full course is 9 days long, 4 days for Barrister and 4 days for Solicitor. Each section takes place Monday through Thursday the week preceding the relevant Summer licensing exam. Combines online course with in-class course.
Course Materials Slideshow presentations are displayed alongside video lectures, and can be requested as PDFs. Access to the the indices database is available here, no purchase necessary. Slideshow presentations are provided as printouts at the beginning of each class. Access to the the indices database is available here, no purchase necessary. Both PDFs and printouts of slideshow presentations are made available. Access to the the indices database is available here, no purchase necessary.
Practice Exams For purchase separately. For purchase separately. Included with Premium Course.


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Course Syllabus and Instructors

CanBarPrep’s instructors are dynamic and experienced law professors and senior members of the bar and bench. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields, who practice at top law firms and are esteemed members of the law faculty at Canadian law schools. CanBarPrep is committed to ensuring that you pass the Ontario Bar Exams, and each one of our instructors reflects this commitment. You can view each instructor’s biography by clicking their name in the course syllabus.

A sample syllabus for the annual in-class course is posted below. View the complete online course syllabus here.

Monday Barrister Civil Procedure Doug Elliott Partner, Cambridge LLP
Tuesday Barrister Family Law Shelley Kierstead Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Wednesday Barrister Public Law Rebecca Bromwich Adjunct Professor, Carleton University
Thursday Barrister Criminal Procedure Jessyca Greenwood Principal Lawyer, Greenwood Defence
Friday Barrister & Solicitor Ethics & Professional Responsibility Trevor Farrow Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School
Former Associate Dean, Osgoode Hall Law School
Monday Solicitor Real Estate Judith Wolf Professor, Seneca College School of Legal and Public Administration and Osgoode Professional Development
Tuesday Solicitor Business Law Anthony Spadaro
Marc Pontone
Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Associate, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
Wednesday Solicitor Tax Law (morning) Samantha Prasad Partner, Minden Gross LLP
Bankruptcy (afternoon) Frank Spizzirri Counsel, Audax Law
Thursday Solicitor Estates Howard Black Partner, Minden Gross

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Sample CanBarPrep Video Clips

The below CanBarPrep video clips are excerpts from the live in-class CanBarPrep lectures. They have been edited and presented alongside the powerpoint presentation used in class. They provide an idea of what the online course consists of, as well as what to expect from the live lectures.

CanBarPrep Course Trailer

Combined Barrister and Solicitor Online Course

Exam Preparation and Strategy: Full Video

Paul Emond (LLB, LLM)

Sample Clip: Ethics and Professionalism (2019-2020)

Trevor Farrow (Osgoode Hall Law School)

Sample Clip: Tax Law (2019-2020)

Samantha Prasad (Minden Gross LLP)

Sample Clip: Criminal Procedure

Justice Vincenzo Rondinelli (LLB, LLM)

Sample Clip: Estates

Howard Black (Minden Gross LLP)

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Student Testimonials and Reviews

The below student testimonials have been printed with permission.

“Emond practice exams were very helpful! The descriptive answers were great. Mark breakdown by topic was super useful to assist you which area you need to work on. Timer was also a great addition especially if using the bar timer guide. It helps you stay on track which is great practice to manage your time and prepare yourself for the actual exam.”

– Harpreet, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“Practice makes perfect! The best way to study for the bar exam is writing practice exams using the same materials you will bring in on exam day. Emonds was a huge reason why I passed the bar on my first try without having extensively covered the materials as a student from a foreign law school.”

– James Rea, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond exam was by far the best prep exam. I highly recommend taking multiple different practice exams. I saved Emond for last because it was the most difficult and the most similar to the actual exam in terms of content difficulty. It seems like a lot of money in the moment, but it’s worth it in the long run. I recommend Emond to any friend that asks for a recommendation.”

– Ayala David, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond Practice Questions, were extremely critical to passing my exams in one try!”

– Dolapo Bolu, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“The practice exams were really similar to the real exam. Darren Smith did a very good job with the online classes. I cleared both exams in one go.”

– Harpreet Singh Kukreja, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“I really liked Emond’s questions and found they were as challenging and at the same level as the actual bar exam. Probably the best questions out of the several I purchased.”

– Tolou Mahani, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“I greatly appreciate your understanding of my situation and your words of encouragement. It’s definitely given me motivation to get back to studying. The videos provided by Emond are helpful and I will be sure to spread the word of these great videos.”

– Sheila Khambhla, 2020 CanBarPrep Student

“Thank you very much to Emond for the fantastic practice examinations and analytics. I utilised the Emond practice tests in the last few days prior to the exams. My results in these practice tests gave me immense confidence that not only could I pass the exams but also I was able to feel confident that my time-keeping was healthy. I cannot recommend Emond highly enough to LSO Licensing students.”

– Dan Thomas, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“I found Emond to be one of the most similar practice exams to the actual barrister exam! Emond is one of the only practice exams that provides an explanation for wrong answers. This is imperative to your study process. Understanding why a wrong answer is wrong is just as good as a right answer.”

– Emma Hrajnik, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“There was a perfect correlation between me taking the Emond practice, and passing the Ontario Bar Exam. Draw your own conclusions.”

– Andrew Knott, Osgoode Hall Law School, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond lectures enabled me to better understand the bar materials so that even if I could not ‘find’ the answer during the exam I was able to answer the questions from my understanding.”

– E. L. R., 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“I passed my Barrister and Solicitor Exams!!! I can’t believe my Call to Bar is on June 17 in Ottawa. Emond’s videos really helped me and I have been telling other candidates about your videos. Once again, thank you, I hope I get to meet you some day in future and show my sincere gratitude.”

– Kelechi Onuigbo, NCA, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond CanBarPrep course was a lifesaver for the 2019 Bar Exam! I passed after the first sitting and attribute this largely to the high quality of the course materials and instructors. The organization of the course and the subject matter emphasized in lectures helped me focus my study and made the process of studying less daunting. Before I registered for the course, I was overwhelmed with the amount of material that needed to be covered in such a short time frame. Personally, I found that using Emond’s Powerpoint slides to guide my reading in the LSO materials before attending lectures was the most effective strategy for learning unfamiliar concepts and retaining information for the exam…Overall, I can’t recommend this course enough!”

– Amanda Rosenstock, J.D. 2019, Toronto ON

“The CanBarPrep course was very helpful. I particularly found it exceptional because the instructors were so knowledgeable and communicated an overview of the courses in such an understandable manner that reassured me and I feel so confident about taking the exam.”

– Lylie Naomie Sanjo, NCA, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“I loved the online and in-person course. I watched the lectures online up to the in-person class. I found this extremely helpful to pause and rewind, etc. The in-person class came as a review and allowed me to meet experts and ask questions.”

– Ashley Ghobrial, University of Sunderland, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“This is a great course for anyone who has previously failed the bar or feels uneasy about taking it for the first time.”

– Maya Soren, McGill University, 2019 CanBarPrep Student

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for everything during the CanBarPrep course – I passed both the Barrister and Solicitor exams! I truly believe the videos and the advice from instructors at the classes were instrumental in helping me pass. I have recommended the videos and practice exams to my friends writing in November!”

– Felicity Sattan, University of Southampton, 2018 CanBarPrep Student

“I truly enjoyed the CanBarPrep Course. It helped me put all the concepts together and how they work together. All the instructors were very knowledgeable and answered questions that I had.”

– Cemeka Douglas, Thompson Rivers University (TRU), 2018 CanBarPrep Student

“If you plan to write the bars, I highly suggest sitting the CanBarPrep course first.”

– Gary Dhillon, University of Toronto, 2018 CanBarPrep Student

“Reading through the bar materials is an extremely tedious and mind-numbing task. After I read through the materials, I felt as if I barely retained any of the content. I used the online course as a way to review the materials and learn how the main concepts are applied. Each section is taught by a lawyer who specializes in that particular field, and they were able to shed light on what was likely to be tested upon. I personally learn better through listening, rather than reading, so I found this to be a very effective and efficient way of learning the materials. It is worth noting that the questions on the actual bar exams are often very obscure, making it extremely difficult to recall from memory. In my opinion, those who try to memorize the materials are embarking on an impossible task. My strategy was to use the videos to gain a broad sense of each topic, which allowed me to consult my index/table of contents with more ease. If I had more difficulty with a certain section, I liked having the ability to watch the videos from years prior with different instructors. I enjoyed hearing the topics from different voices and found that this was more engaging than rewatching the same video again.”

– Anonymous, Queen’s University, 2018 CanBarPrep Student

“Preparing for and writing the Ontario licensing exams can be very challenging. The resources offered by Emond Exam Prep were instrumental in helping me to pass the exams. In particular, the video lectures were greatly helpful to learning the substantive topics that are tested on the exams, especially topics that I did not take in law school. In addition, I found that the practice exams were instrumental in building my confidence and achieving success. The structure and content of the questions helped me to become familiar with the actual exams because they evaluate your understanding and application of the competencies that are tested on the exams. I am happy to announce that last week, I was called to the Ontario bar!”

– Rodolfo (Rudy) Ticzon, Barrister and Solicitor, 2017 CanBarPrep Student

“This is the best investment any young lawyer can make in passing their exams and improving/readying oneself to practice law. Almost every instructor has at least 15 years of experience, is engaging and willing to answer your questions in class and sometimes out of it. Do not waste your time elsewhere. Sign up for CanBarPrep today, thank yourself tomorrow.”

– Jared Lecker, NCA Student, 2017 CanBarPrep Student

“This course was incredibly helpful! It provided context to the materials and drew my attention to concepts that were likely to be (and were!) tested on the exam. Going into the bar exams feeling more confident with your knowledge of the materials should not be underestimated.”

– Jaymie Maddox, Queen’s University, 2017 CanBarPrep Student

“There’s just too much to read on your own, which leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Emond clarifies and focuses on all major topics to understand and navigate the materials.”

– Shivani Sharda, NCA Student, 2017 CanBarPrep Student

“The Emond CanBarPrep Course was my ultimate investment towards the Ontario bar exams, which made it possible to pass the exams with my first attempt. Following my gut instincts, I registered for the June session, which includes the in-class component. I was struggling with the more technical aspects of the LSUC material, and the Emond videos really enhanced my understanding of those topics. The Emond office staff were really helpful as well. The entire exercise truly justified the money I invested. I highly recommend it to anyone taking the bar.”

– Adeze A. Bethea, NCA Student, 2017 CanBarPrep Student

“The CanBarPrep Course was the best decision that I made to further my preparation for the bar exams. All of the instructors were insightful and accessible to answer the many questions I had. The course also served as an effective review of the materials. I would highly recommend this course to anyone faced with the intimidating task of preparing for these exams.”

– Anil Hampole, University of Alberta, 2016 CanBarPrep Student

“The CanBarPrep online videos are the best “crutch” to passing the Ontario Bar Exams. The instructors were fantastic at providing an overview of the materials in a clear manner which helped in understanding and applying the materials to any given set of simple or complex case questions on the exam.”

– Nima Besharat, 2016 CanBarPrep Student

“I find the videos so helpful in understanding the material. Especially enjoying the presenters in Real Estate. They are great professors and fun to watch! Makes a difficult subject more manageable.”

– Anita S., 2016 CanBarPrep Student

“I am happy to inform you that I passed both of my licensing exams. The course you provided was very helpful. My thanks to Emond and all of the professors who taught. I would recommend it to any student intending to take the bar. Once again thank you very much.”

– Satish Mandalagiri, 2016 CanBarPrep Student

“Your practice exams were invaluable; I especially appreciated the breakdown of each correct answer.”

– Flora Vineberg, 2016

“I don’t believe that there is any help that will guarantee that students pass their bar exams, but I do believe that the CanBarPrep course comes pretty close to it. In addition to the excellent presentations, which I learned a lot from, the course boosted my confidence to do well in the exams and that counts for a lot. I would highly recommend this course.”

– Christopher Combrie, NCA Student, 2016 CanBarPrep Student

“I felt Emond’s practice questions helped prepare me for the bar exam. I enjoyed the fact that I could write the test more than once, which was a great way to review. I also thought their feedback on each question was really helpful in areas that I was not as strong in.”

– Michael Laurie, 2016

“The Emond practice exams really added an extra level of preparation for the Bar Exams. The questions are well-written and give you the confidence you need to get through the real thing.”

– Nigel Smith, 2016

“I took the CanBarPrep Premium Course in June of this year, and I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone at Emond Publishing for helping me pass both exams! I was called to the Ontario Bar two weeks ago, and I started my own practice this week. I am about to deal with a client matter and I realize that the first point of reference is the notes that I took during the bar prep period. Thank you once again for helping me prepare for the exams and the practice!”

– Matthew Paik, University of Victoria, 2015 CanBarPrep Student

“I credit my passing both exams in one sitting to Emond’s CanBarPrep course. The staff was so responsive, efficient, and encouraging. The instructors exceeded my expectations and were able to take the 1,200+ pages of material and highlight key legal concepts and professional rules. I took the Barrister preparation course online, and the Solicitor course in-class. Both experiences were great. For the online portion the staff ensured I had all the video and course materials that I needed, and even took the time to send me a link to the audio of the in-class prep at the end of each day. The in-class prep course was even better. I found it very easy to follow along with the instructors. Overall, the course structure and instructors were key to my success. Thank you CanBarPrep!”

– Cristina Wadhwa, Bond University Law School, 2015 CanBarPrep Student

“CanBarPrep’s online course was instrumental in my preparation for the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor exams. The lectures are well done, organized, and memorable. Listening to the lectures allowed me to confidently answer numerous questions on exam day without consulting the materials, and I was able to finish both exams with time to spare. I highly recommend CanBarPrep to all students preparing for the Ontario Barrister and Solicitor exams and particularly those who completed their legal education in a foreign jurisdiction.”

– Ali Z., USA, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“Amazing! I feel that I learned more in this class than all of law school. Less stress, more detail, and availability of professors to answer questions and answers helped A LOT.”

– Jessica Brant, University of Ottawa, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“I wanted to share with you my good news on passing the Bar exam, and thank you for the wonderful courses that you provided. I had not taken virtually any of the Solicitor course topics during law school and wholeheartedly believe that the CanBarPrep course was instrumental in assisting me pass that exam.”

– Catherine Smith, University of Ottawa, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“The course was so helpful in having the concepts lift off the page.”

– Anonymous, University of Windsor, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“I am delighted to announce that I successfully passed both bar exams! Taking the CanBarPrep course made all the difference in the world. Thank you for taking the tasks which were trusted with you seriously and going above what was expected.”

– Anonymous, University of Ottawa, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“The CanBarPrep course has provided me with a well-structured and thorough overview of the key concepts addressed in each section of the Barrister exam. The quality of the instructors far exceeded my expectations they were all dynamic, interesting, and made some pretty dry material come to life, which is no easy feat. I feel confident that I am now well prepared and highly recommend the course.”

– Julie Goldstein, Queen’s University, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“Preparing for the Ontario Bar Exams can be extremely stressful and daunting. The CanBarPrep courses pack in a lot of critical information and important Bar Exam-taking tips that allow candidates to dissect the exam into manageable and understandable pieces. Additionally, the classroom setting and peer engagement provides insight into areas you may have overlooked as well as offering the structure and the discipline to prepare and study, which in my view is far superior than studying and preparing alone (or with groups of peers who have never taken the test before).”

– Jeff Kroeker, University of Ottawa, 2014 CanBarPrep Student

“CanBarPrep provided an excellent overview of ALL materials required for the Bar Exam. The instructors are all top of their respective fields which meant asking detailed questions were easily and quickly answered on the spot. Highly recommended for everyone who’s finding it hard to see the big picture in each of the topics.”

– Sakina Fazel, University of Warwick, 2013 CanBarPrep Student

“Students who feel in need of a refresher or a concise summary of law in each subject should use this course in conjunction with the bar materials in order to increase chances of success on exam day.”

– Greg Mallia, Barry University School of Law, 2013 CanBarPrep Student

“Taking the CanBarPrep course was probably the single most useful expenditure of my time besides actually reading the materials. No matter how prepared you try to be, there is a huge time crunch and having professors there to highlight important points and rules, work through calculations with you and make themselves available to answer questions was invaluable.”

– Susannah Alleyne, Osgoode Hall Law School, 2013 CanBarPrep Student

“This is an excellent course for foreign trained students looking for an in-depth introduction to Canadian law and for clarification on some of the more difficult legal concepts they will encounter when reviewing the material in preparation for Canadian bar exams.”

– Hali Adair, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, 2012 CanBarPrep Student

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Bar Exam Tutoring

Emond now offers private bar exam tutoring services for law students preparing to write the Ontario Licensing Exams. Tutoring is delivered via Skype or by phone, and is available from any location. Tutoring is offered in 1-, 2-, or 3-hour packages, and may be scheduled directly with the tutor to suit your availability.

Please note that we are unable to provide tutoring assistance for tax law.

Bar Exam Tutoring Options:

1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours
Price $125 $250 $375
Format Tutoring sessions are offered online over Skype or by phone, and are available from any location. Tutoring sessions are not offered over Facetime or in person.
Scheduling You will receive an email containing your tutor’s contact details within 2 business days of your purchase, and can expect a response from your tutor within 2 business days of contacting them. Tutoring hours should be purchased no later than 10 business days before your exam to ensure there is sufficient time to schedule your session. Tutoring hours purchased less than 10 days before your exam are subject to the availability of the tutor, and cannot be guaranteed.
Tutor Biography Tania Perlin has been a lawyer in private practice for 25 years. She has significant experience in many areas of the law, including family, debtor/creditor, real estate, business, corporate, wills/estates, general litigation, and franchising. A recipient of Ryerson University’s Instructor of the Year award, Ms. Perlin has taught business law at Ryerson University and Seneca College, as well as debtor/creditor and legal entities for law clerks and paralegals, property law for appraisers, and other business-related courses for many years. Ms. Perlin is a certified mediator and has been mediating privately and for the Superior Court of Justice for over 20 years. In addition to her private practice, teaching, and mediation, Ms. Perlin writes for various publishers and contributes to blogs on a variety of legal topics.
Online Course One free hour of tutoring is included with the purchase of the Online CanBarPrep Course (online version only). To schedule your free hour of tutoring, please forward your Vimeo e-receipt from the course purchase to Your request and e-receipt must be sent no later than 10 business days prior to your exam date, otherwise your session will depend on the availability of the tutor and cannot be guaranteed. Free tutoring hours are not included with the purchase of a practice exam, in-class course, or premium course.
Requirements Before scheduling your first tutoring session, you will be required to read and sign a memorandum of understanding, and submit it to your tutor. Download the memorandum here.

Purchase 1 Hour

Purchase 2 Hours

Purchase 3 Hours

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Indices and Indexing

Free Indices Database

Emond Exam Prep has developed a database of free bar exam indices and study aids that have been shared by past students. Users can download, sort, rate, and comment on each index. There is no cost associated with accessing the database and downloading the materials in it.

Accessing the Database

To access the database, sign into your account (or register here). After logging in, navigate to the Indices Database on the white user menu. You will be able to download any of the available resources that you see listed there. We encourage you to rate and comment on the resources in the database, to help guide other students in choosing the best index.

View Indices

Not sure what an index is, how to use it, or whether you need one? View The Comprehensive Bar Exam Preparation Manual to learn about creating and using indices for your licensing exam.

Contributing to the Database

Beginning May 1, 2020, we invite students to share their complete and updated 2020-2021 index through this database. In return we will offer you $40 off the purchase of a practice exam. Email us with your indices, and we will arrange the discount for you, or an equivalent rebate if you have already purchased an exam. Please note that we do not accept partial indices or indices with page numbers from past years. We reserve the right to decline a submission if it does not meet these requirements.

Contribute Indices

Unless otherwise stated, all study aids and materials in the database have been created and shared by students. Emond Exam Prep does not edit, endorse, or guarantee these materials. As with any study aid, we advise using a critical eye and taking a practice exam with your index in advance of the bar exams. Availability of updated indices is reliant upon student submissions, so cannot be guaranteed.

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Practice Exams

Announcement: The LSO has not yet announced the dates for the 2021–2022 exam windows. Please note that practice exams purchased for the upcoming sitting in March 2021 will expire on the last day of that exam window. If you have any questions, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

Barrister Practice Exam

Solicitor Practice Exam

Price $95 + tax each  |  $180 + tax for exam bundle (includes both Barrister and Solicitor practice exams)
Format Online multiple-choice exam consisting of 220 questions Online multiple-choice exam consisting of 220 questions
Timer The timer counts upward from the time that you begin the exam. It can be paused and your exam progress can be saved before logging out if you wish to resume the exam at a future date.
Content Questions have been formulated to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and application of the required competencies that will be tested on the barrister licensing exam. The structure and content of the questions are designed to mimic the licensing exam, with practical case-based scenarios. The barrister practice exam tests the following subject areas:

  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Public Law
  • Family Law
  • Ethics and Professionalism
Questions have been formulated to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, understanding, and application of the required competencies that will be tested on the solicitor licensing exam. The structure and content of the questions are designed to mimic the licensing exam, with practical case-based scenarios. The solicitor practice exam tests the following subject areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Wills and Estates
  • Business Law
  • Ethics and Professionalism
Exam Review Upon exam submission, you are presented with your overall score as well as the breakdown of different subject areas and how you scored in each of them. You can review each exam question to see the answer you selected, the correct answer, and an explanation.
Access Period You will have access to your practice exam and results from the date of purchase until the next scheduled LSO barrister exam date, at which point your exam will expire. You may attempt the practice exam up to four times. Questions remain the same on all four attempts. You will have access to your practice exam and results from the date of purchase until the next scheduled LSO solicitor exam date, at which point your exam will expire. You may attempt the practice exam up to four times. Questions remain the same on all four attempts.
Course Bundles The barrister practice exam is only included with the Premium Barrister Course and the Full Premium Barrister and Solicitor Course. It is not included with the online course or the in-class course. The solicitor practice exam is only included with the Premium Solicitor Course and the Full Premium Barrister and Solicitor Course. It is not included with the online course or the in-class course.

Start by writing the free sample exam. Just make sure you are signed in (or signed up) first!


→ Click here to view screenshots of the analytics and exam review features of Emond’s practice exams

Ontario Bar Practice Exam Performance Analytics Ontario Bar Practice Exam Question Review

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Registration Options and Prices

Online CanBarPrep Course
Available year-round
Barrister + Solicitor
  • 180-day online rental with 24/7 access
  • 70+ hours of video lecture
  • Access to the indices database and slideshow PDFs available upon request
Barrister only or Solicitor only
  • 90-day online rental with 24/7 access
  • 40+ hours of video lecture
  • access to the indices database and slideshow PDFs available upon request
Live CanBarPrep Course
Available for Summer 2021 sitting only
Barrister + Solicitor
  • 9-day course that runs 9am-5pm daily
    Attend via webinar
  • 2021 Barrister Dates:
  • 2021 Solicitor Dates:
  • Includes slideshow pdfs and access to the indices database
Barrister only or Solicitor only
  • 5-day course that runs 9am-5pm daily
    Attend via webinar
  • Includes slideshow printouts and access to the indices database
Premium CanBarPrep Course
Available for Summer 2021 sitting only
Barrister + Solicitor
Combines the Live Course, Online Course, and both practice exams.
  • 9-day live course/9am-5pm daily
  • 180-day online rental/70+ hours of video
  • Includes practice exams, slideshow PDFs, and access to the indices database
Barrister only or Solicitor only
Combines the relevant Live Course, Online Course, and practice exam.
  • 5-day live course/9am-5pm daily
  • 90-day online rental/40+ hours of video
  • Includes the relevant practice exam, slideshow PDFs, and access to the indices database
Barrister Practice Exam
  • Exam is accessible online immediately after purchase
  • Correct answers, explanations, and performance analytics provided
  • May be attempted up to 4 times before expiration at the next LSO exam date
Solicitor Practice Exam
  • Exam is accessible online immediately after purchase
  • Correct answers, explanations, and performance analytics provided
  • May be attempted up to 4 times before expiration at the next LSO exam date
Practice Exam Bundle
  • Exams are accessible online immediately after purchase
  • Correct answers, explanations, and performance analytics provided
  • May be attempted up to 4 times before expiration at the next LSO exam date

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Virtual Bar Exam Diaries

The past year has been particularly stressful for students writing the Ontario Licensing exams, as they grappled with exam cancellations, last-minute testing windows, and the change of format. Being prepared for such an exam like this goes beyond books. It’s about mental preparation: knowing what to bring, what to expect, and what to do.

Presenting the Virtual Bar Exam Diaries: A series specifically written for students, by students. Each article outlines the author’s personal experience writing the Ontario Licensing exam virtually, and is full of insights and advice. Learn from their experiences and write the exam with greater confidence.


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Barrister Exam: March 2–6, 2021  |  Solicitor Exam: March 16–20, 2021