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In 1978, Professor Paul Emond published the very first Emond casebook. It was a casebook on Real Estate Law, and was soon followed by Administrative Law and Constitutional Law casebooks that were used for classes at the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School, and many other Canadian common law programs.

More than 35 years later, Emond Publishing is one of the leading publishers of casebooks used in law schools across Canada, as well as texts required for Ontario Paralegal and Law Clerk programs. Law students would recognize Emond’s casebooks as the handsome, gold-embossed hardcover books, and paralegal students would recognize the iconic green Working With the Law softcover series. In 2015, Emond published the first book in a new Legal Practice Series for professionals embarking upon careers as lawyers, paralegals, and law clerks.

Casebooks and Textbooks by Emond

The CanBarPrep course has been in operation since 2006, when Osgoode law professors Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Poonam Puri first recognized the need for it. Around that time, the LSO had eliminated the preparatory course that used to precede the Ontario Bar Exams. Students were suddenly faced with less than six weeks in which to learn 1600 pages of material, with little guidance and no support. CanBarPrep offered a way for students to connect with one another, and learn face-to-face from professors and practitioners who were experienced authorities in the subject matter that would be tested on the bar exams.

Each year since then, the course has been developed and adapted to meet the needs of students graduating from law school and preparing for their exams. Emond has managed the CanBarPrep course since 2013, expanding the scope and depth of content, perfecting its delivery, and offering it online beginning in 2014. Emond introduced preparation resources for the P1 Paralegal Exam that same year, and has developed a comprehensive in-class preparation course to meet the new, more rigorous requirements of the 2015 P1 Paralegal Licensing Exam.

A Commitment to Quality

Quality Content


Drawing on decades of legal expertise, Emond has cultivated exam preparation programs to help students acquire the skills, knowledge, and discipline to pass the LSO Licensing Exams. Each course curriculum and practice exam is designed in accordance with the required competencies that the LSO indicates will be tested on the licensing examination. With a team of lawyers, professors, and professionals in the legal education field, we regularly revise, update, and improve our materials to ensure that they are challenging, accurate, and up-to-date.

Expert Instructors


Emond’s course instructors are leading practitioners and law professors in their respective areas of expertise who practice at some of Canada’s top law firms, and lecture at schools across Ontario. Each professor tailors their lecture to assist students with the most challenging subject areas tested on the licensing exams. Emond Exam Prep believes that the ideal study plan incorporates self-study with the LSO-issued materials, in-class substantive lectures, self-testing with online practice exams, and well-organized reference materials to bring into the exam.



Emond courses include an exam preparation and strategy component that can be accessed online upon registration, so that you can refer to it throughout your study process. Beyond the classroom, Emond shares valuable exam preparation tips, stories, and advice through the Emond Exam Prep blog. Blog articles are authored by law students, practising lawyers, and members of the Emond Exam Prep team. If you are interested in contributing an article to the blog, please contact us with your article idea.

Less Stress, More Success

Your success is our top priority. An estimated 95% of our in-class CanBarPrep students pass their exams each year, so we are confident that our courses will prepare you to pass your licensing examinations. If you do not pass your licensing exams after taking an Emond Exam Prep course, you can take the course again free of charge (either the in-class course, or the 30-day online course.) To be eligible for this guarantee, you must provide proof of enrollment in the course, as well as your exam results from the LSO including your name and the date.


Considering an Emond Exam Prep Program?
You don’t need to take our word for it. See what past students have said about our programs:

“The CanBarPrep Course was the best decision that I made to further my preparation for the bar exams. All of the instructors were insightful and accessible to answer the many questions I had. The course also served as an effective review of the materials. I would highly recommend this course to anyone faced with the intimidating task of preparing for these exams.”
– Anil Hampole, University of Alberta

“I took the CanBarPrep Premium Course in June of this year, and I just wanted to say “thank you” to everyone at Emond Publishing for helping me pass both exams! I was called to the Ontario Bar two weeks ago, and I started my own practice this week. I am about to deal with a client matter and I realize that the first point of reference is the notes that I took during the bar prep period. Thank you once again for helping me prepare for the exams and the practice!”
– Matthew Paik, University of Victoria

“I credit my passing both exams in one sitting to Emond’s CanBarPrep course. The staff was so responsive, efficient, and encouraging. The instructors exceeded my expectations and were able to take the 1,200+ pages of material and highlight key legal concepts and professional rules. I took the Barrister preparation course online, and the Solicitor course in-class. Both experiences were great. For the online portion the staff ensured I had all the video and course materials that I needed, and even took the time to send me a link to the audio of the in-class prep at the end of each day. The in-class prep course was even better. I found it very easy to follow along with the instructors. Overall, the course structure and instructors were key to my success. Thank you CanBarPrep!”
– Cristina Wadhwa, Bond University Law School

“Amazing! I feel that I learned more in this class than all of law school. Less stress, more detail, and availability of professors to answer questions and answers helped A LOT.”
– Jessica Brant, University of Ottawa

“I wanted to share with you my good news on passing the Bar exam, and thank you for the wonderful courses that you provided. I had not taken virtually any of the Solicitor course topics during law school and wholeheartedly believe that the CanBarPrep course was instrumental in assisting me pass that exam.”
– Catherine Smith, University of Ottawa

“Taking the CanBarPrep course was probably the single most useful expenditure of my time besides actually reading the materials. No matter how prepared you try to be, there is a huge time crunch and having professors there to highlight important points and rules, work through calculations with you and make themselves available to answer questions was invaluable.”
– Susannah Alleyne, Osgoode Hall Law School

“The Paralegal Exam Preparation Course has been extremely informative. The instructors that taught the sessions were experienced lawyers or professors. They were able to explain those questions that my college professors couldn’t. Most importantly, they gave me great tips on how to prepare for the upcoming paralegal exam. Finally, I was able to create professional contacts with future paralegals. I feel confident I will pass the licensing exam after doing this course. I would recommend it to anyone that will write the paralegal licensing exam.”
– Valdis Cuvaldin, Fleming College

“As I work full-time, I did not have enough time to fully prepare for the LSO Paralegal exam. As the exam was fast approaching, I was getting nervous. Two days before the exam I found this prep test and was very happy to have a way to better prepare. It came at the right time. I want to thank Emond for making this available. Not only did it help me, it also made a big difference to know that I can take a prep test from a source I trust.”
– Diana Achim

“Emond’s Paralegal Exam Prep Course was able to bring an array of legal professionals such as Deputy Judges, Lawyers, and Justices of the Peace who combined theories and examples from the field, provided a huge breadth of knowledge tying professional ethics with substantive material. I would highly recommend this course because it will help narrow the topics and focus on preparing for the exam.”
– Yohne Yogeswaran, TriOs College

“The course has greatly helped prepare me for the exam. The PowerPoints and handouts are great resources and I will be taking them into the exam. This course was also a great place to make connections with the other participants and the lecturers. So glad I decided to take the course.”
– Marissa Kurin, Humber College

“Extremely happy that I purchased this practice exam! The questions on the practice exam give you a great idea of what the questions on the actual exam will look like, and also the difficulty is about the same on both exams. It makes studying more enjoyable; instead of just reading your book you’re able to see how much you really know.”
– Alivia Goldenberge


Summarized student feedback from the 2018 CanBarPrep courses


Barrister Exam: March 8-11, 2022  |  Solicitor Exam: March 22–25, 2022